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Much more than just a grain

Amaranth has been cultivated for at least 9,000 years in the central region of Mexico.

Ancient cultures in Mexico developed an impressive knowledge of nature and food. They applied their wisdom and accumulated experience in the improvement of the amaranth grain.

The main goal in growing this important grain was to contribute to human well-being, keeping a balance with nature at the same time.

Because its high energetic and nutritional content, in addition to its incredible lightness, amaranth was particularly important in a lifestyle in which demands physical work and walking long distances.

Studies of amaranth as a supplement for sports and workouts is an emerging field. Though more research is needed, studies suggest the following benefits of amaranth consumption:

1. Improved cardiovascular performance:

Content of polyunsaturated fatty acids influences a better heart rate recovery after exercise, in addition to improving heart rate variability by activating aerobic metabolism.

2. Intellectual activity:

Complex carbohydrates, amino acid balance and fiber facilitate the supply of glucose (energy for cells) to neurons, also known as brain cells.

3. Antioxidant effects

Amaranth has an antioxidant effect due to its content of flavonoids and phenolic acids.

4. Probiotic effects

The fiber of amaranth works as a probiotic and improves the intestinal microbiota that help maintain good athletic performance.

5. Improved muscle recovery

The unique amino acid profile of amaranth supports muscle recovery after workouts.

6. Excellent option for athletes with special dietary needs.

Amaranth offers a high-quality nutrition option for vegan and gluten-free athletes.

7. Easy to add to water for a post-workout drink

Amaranth flour dissolves easily in water and restores glycogen, an important fuel reserve that must be replenished after a workout.