Doña Adela Tamale Ready to Eat - (Habanero, Pack 6)


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OUR STORY: Doña Adela was our founder’s Rafael Gonzalez, grandmother’s nanny who lived with the family for more than 50 years. To Rafael she was like another “Abuela”. She represented love, nurture, wisdom, home and comfort through the wonderful food that she prepared for him and the whole family. Being away from home and missing the taste of a delicious home cooked meal, Rafael decided to create in honor of Doña Adela and her delicious cooking, Doña Adela Foods, the perfect mix of authentic mexican food and high quality ready to eat meals that would fit into today’s fast paced living. We hope that you enjoy our easy and ready meals as much as we do! HABANERO TAMALE: 100% Plant based tamale with a spicy, tangy citrus flavor from the roasted habanero pepper. GREEN TAMALE: 100% Plant based tamale with a mild heat and tartness from the mix of tomatillo and serrano peppers RED TAMALE: 100% Plant based tamale with a spicy heat of chili blends. Tomato base with a smoky and citrusy flavor.

  • Flavors: Green, Red and Habanero
  • Green: Mild/Red: Hot/Habanero: Extra Hot
  • Ready to eat, No need to refrigerate
  • No preservatives , Dairy Free, Natural Ingredients
  • Heat in Microwave in only 40 seconds
  • It’s a Mexican tradition you can enjoy wherever and whenever you want.
  • 6g of protein/ Plant base protein