Mexico Lindo Picante Negra Xxxtra Hot Sauce | Scoville Unit Level 80,000 | Sugar Free | 5 Fl Oz Bottles


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  • PICANTE NEGRA XXXTRA HOT: Twelve, five ounce BPA-free plastic bottles of Picante Negra Xxxtra hot sauce
  • HEAT LEVEL: Very high level of spiciness, with a Scoville unit level of 80,000
  • GREAT MARINADE: Fantastic combination of irresistible, spicy flavors which blends perfectly with seafood, meats, drinks, and can even add a unique touch to your salads
  • TRADITIONAL: Mexican peppers mixed the way Mexicans have done it for generations. Blends perfectly with tacos, burritos, eggs, chili, or chips
  • GREAT FLAVOR: Our Picante Negra Xxxtra hot sauce is Sugar-free, enhancing the flavor of your dishes without additives