Super Ricas Crokante Crispy Potato Chips, Pork Ribs, Chicken and Natural Flavors, Zero Trans Fat, 1.05 oz Bag, (Crokantes pack, 6 Units)


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  • 0 % trans fat: Super Ricas snacks do not use oils or any trans component.
  • Without colorants or preservatives: the products are made based on natural products and do not include colorants or preservatives in their compositions.
  • Cholesterol free: We care about your health, that is why in Super Ricas potatoes we make sure not to add any ingredient that contains cholesterol and can affect your health.
  • Keep in a fresh, dry place, in the shadow and away from polluting odors.
  • Crokantes 6 pack: flavors: CLASSIC, CHICKEN AND PORK RIBS
  • No added sugar: No source of sugar was added during the process.
  • Own recipes: Super Ricas emerged as an option with authentic flavors in Colombian snacks, creating their own recipes since 1961


Todo Rico is the mix of Snacks that Super Ricas created, and which became the quintessential lunch in Colombia, to which we add the flavors of Super Ricas.

Todo Rico is a great innovation not only in flavors, but also in technology, the work of the creator of Super Ricas, who invented the technology to mix different Snacks in a single package in a homogeneous way to the delight of Colombians, and now the whole world.

Super Ricas is the essence of the traditional flavor of potato chips and the plantain chip. Several generations of Colombians have sat down to share with friends, family, and celebrations since 1961.