Zumbapica Zumba Hot, Hot'n Spicy Chili Mix, 7.8 oz., 10 Count


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You're going to be stung by Zumba hot's spicy chili mix ten mini shakers of hot chili candy powder will keep you going for days. 10 pieces, 0.78oz each, total net weight 7.8oz (220g).

  • Zumba Pica Hot: Our Hot Chili Powder comes with 10 small bottles of 0.78oz (22gr) each with a security cap to preserve freshness.
  • Delicious Hot Chili Powder: Our chili powder candy Hot has the perfect blend between sweet, salty and spicy. You will love the savory taste and delicious flavor of this chilito mexican candy.
  • Easy to Sprinkle and Cover: Use Hot mexican chili powder to sprinkle fruits and vegetables, apple lollipops, gummies, chocolates, chips, michelada mix, mangonadas or any other cravings.
  • Great for Parties, Appetizers and Dessert Tables: Present one-of-a-kind creations with this sweet spicy chili that will make your parties and dessert tables look fancy, gorgeous and delectable.
  • Con Zumba Hot chile en polvo de Zumba Pica disfruta tus botanas y snacks de manera unica y especial en tu proxima fiesta o reunion. Con este dulce mexicano le daras un sabor unico a tu creaciones.